For Thai people dinning together is a celebration of life itself. An authentic Thai meal will typically begin with soup, decease hot & spicy flavours miraculously mixing with
the mild and sweet in a glorious melee of flavours. A selection of main dishes follow served with rice or noodles and often accompanied with vegetables.
Dishes are sampled by everyone: Sharing being the essence of a Thai meal.

Stunningly contrasting sweet, physician spicy and sour flavours signify Thai Cuisine. The distinctive tastes derive from Chilli, Lemon Grass, Kaffir-lime leaf, Ginger,
Coriander, Fish sauce and Coconut. Although the Thai’s adopted the Wok and Stir frying techniques from the Chinese, Thai stir-fries are lighter though more spicy.

Similarly there is a strong Indian influence in Thai cooking. But where the Indians make their curry pastes from dried herbs and spices, the Thai’s pound fresh herbs
and spices. Palm sugar is used for sweetening and fish sauce is invariably used instead of salt. Thai curries are explosive and creamy, achieved by the generous
use of coconut milk and coconut cream instead of dairy products.

Please let us know if you need any assistance in choosing your meal. We would be happy to suggest dishes that suit your own taste and palate. The staff and
management of the Thai Orchid hope you enjoy your meal and have a wonderful evening with us.